When Holiday Lights Fail

Holiday lighting, both inside and outside the home, adds joy and cheer to the season. The tips below will help shed some light on both savings and safety! Here are some tips for when your holiday lights fail!

1. Check that all the circuits are on and also that all plugs are plugged into a sufficient power source.
2. Check each of the plug fuses of the light set. If the filament within the fuse is broken, you will need to replace the fuse. It is also sometimes necessary to spread plug prongs of plugs to insure sufficient circuit contact. This is a very common problem!
3. While the light set is plugged into a sufficient current, run a finger slowly over each of the bulb tops. If the light set comes on while touching a specific bulb, this bulb is most likely causing a short in the circuit! Remove and replace this particular bulb.
4. Check that the appropriate amount of light sets are plugged into each other, and end to end. There should be no more than two sets of lights plugged into each other.
5. If the lights are plugged into an extension cord, it may be overloaded. Make sure there are not too many lights plugged into the cord. And also check the plug fuse of the extension cord.
6. If a light set is burning brighter than normal, there are most likely more than eight to fifteen bulbs that have burned out. Locate and then replace the bulbs that are not working. Never replace burned out bulbs while the light set is plugged in as this will cause a current surge and will burn out the new bulb!

We specialize in hanging exterior holiday lighting and will ensure the exterior lighting is working correctly. All of the staff at Sewell Landscape wish you a safe and happy holiday season.