Landscape – More than Plants & Flowers

Is a Landscape just Plants & Flowers?

Someone might see a home with a lawn and maybe a tree or two and consider it a non-landscaped property. This can be true but it also can be a false statement. Just because a home doesn’t have plants and flowers does not mean that it is not landscaped. Landscape can mean lots of things to lots of different people. The majority of people hear the word landscape and they see flowers, bushes, trees and decorative rocks. This is all part of landscape which is usually considered landscape paint. There is much more to consider about landscape and what it can entail.

A Landscape is Everything Outside!

Did you know that landscape is everything outside your home? This includes looking into the amount of sun and shade that each area gets. The landscaper must consider the ground that leads up to your property. This will help them better understand how the land will absorb the rainwater and water that will be given to the property through irrigation. It will include if there are any streams, rivers, ditches and bedrock that can make an impact in the way that a property should be landscaped. They also must consider what types of plants and materials will be used and what type of pests and wildlife that may be attracted to it. They also have to think about where people and guest will walk to make their way through the property from front to back.

Landscape Design

After most of the things above have been looked into then the design of the landscape paint can be put together. This is what most people think of what they talk about landscape. This will include the plants that you may want around the home. It also includes larger plants like trees and where they should be placed depending on the size of the tree when fully grown. A few other things that can be added are walkways, ponds, rock formations and statues. Also, the thing that most people would consider first when talking about landscape is flowers. Flowers usually have to be planted every year and can be changed out with the seasons. But landscape design doesn’t stop there – check out our services pages on outdoor living and entertaining. Sewell Landscape & Holiday Lighting Contractor offers everything from outdoor kitchens and barbecues to fire pits and fireplaces to gazebos and arbors.

The next time you see a house and think they haven’t landscaped remember that you may be wrong. There is so much more to landscape then flowers. So do flowers equal landscape? Yes, but it is not even close to what makes up landscape as a whole. Call Sewell Landscape for a free consultation.