Outdoor Cooking

The spring time brings longer sunny days and refreshing breezes which means that most people spend more time outdoors. Having a good space that you can gather with your family and friends can make the most of this nice weather, enjoying the fresh air. This can be a great time of year to host BBQ’s and outdoor get togethers. One of the best ways to enjoy your time outside is to prepare your backyard space into something that everyone can enjoy. Did you know that Sewell Landscape can help with all your outdoor space design and construction? This can include outdoor barbecue islands, kitchens, pizza ovens and fire pits.

Custom Barbecue Islands

Barbecue has been used forever as a way to cook food. From the cowboys on the trail and using the open flame to cook what you want to eat, or the Polynesian culture using a spit to roast whole animals to feed larger groups at a time. Now it seems that most people have a premade BBQ in their backyard. There is a better way to add a BBQ to your home and make it look much nicer. Having a built in barbecue island is the way to go. You can customize what you want the amount of cooking space to be to best fit your family’s needs. This can also allow you the option to choose what the outside color would best fit the décor of your home.

Outdoor Kitchen

When the weather warms up sometimes it is not fun to cook inside. It can heat up your whole house and make it uncomfortable for everyone. A great way to be able to cook your favorite meals and keep the house cooled off is to have an outdoor kitchen installed. It can be as much or a little as you want. A great landscape designer like Sewell Landscape can help decide what is best for you. You can add a counter, sink and a few burners all the way up to a full size oven and a refrigerator as part of the design.

Pizza Ovens

So you’ve heard and seen about custom built in barbecue islands and outdoor kitchens but a wood fired pizza oven is a little more out of the ordinary. Sewell Landscape can bring the pleasures of wood-fired oven cooking to your back yard or patio so that you can enjoy the unique flavors and textures that can only be created using wood fire! While about a 2′ pizza oven can easily feed up to 20 people, we also offer larger pizza ovens that can feed up to 200 or more!

Fire Pits

Fire pits are ideal for everything from dutch oven cooking foil dinners and cobbler desserts to roasting hotdogs and smores over the open flames. Whether you choose a fire pit from Sewell Landscape with hints of artisan appeal or one of the custom made units to match your unique design preferences and existing decor, you are sure to be delighted by your new fire pits structural integrity and backyard design appeal.

Having one of these options designed by Sewell landscape can be the way out of the kitchen and into your new outdoor space to enjoy the new spring weather with your family and friends. Call us today to talk about your landscape makeover!